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Alkali Based Degreasing Agents

Given below is a short description of the different types of Alkali based degreasing agents manufactured by us:


This has been specially developed to degrease Iron and Steel, Alloy Steel, Nickel etc. this is not recommended for degreasing Aluminium and its alloys and surfaces which are tinned or galvanised.

This is ideal for degreasing of Aluminium and its alloys and galvanised and / or tinned surfaces. this can also be used for other non-ferrous metals.

H - 1 and H - 2 are capable of removing animal oils such as lanoline, lard oil and vegetable oils like pal oil etc., besides mineral oils. Usage of H - 1 and H - 2 yields satisfactory results at high temperatures in the range of 95°C - 100°C. The degreasing can be done within 4 to 10 minutes depending upon the state of contamination, light or heavy. While 5 minutes would be suffiient to degrease lightly contaminated metal at 4% concentration, heavily contaminated surfaces might require 10 minutes or more.

After removing the materials from the immersion bath they should be allowed to drain for a minute after which they should be properly washed in running water and then dried.

This has been developed for degreasing ferrous metal and nickel. It can be used in some vases to degrease copper and brass with the aid of spraying machines. Like H - 1 this is not recommended for use on surfaces that are galvanised or tinned or on aluminium and its alloys.

This is used to degrease aluminimum and its alloys and metals having galvanised or tinned surfaces, H - 4 can be used by means off spraying or jetting machines. It is recommended that the concentration should be between 1.5% to 2%. The temperature of the solution should be controlled at 70°C - 80°C while using the spraying method.

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