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Case Hardening and Carburising

This is the process of introducing carbon to the surface of low carbon steel. At low temperatures steel will not dissolve carbon, so for carburising, both the steel and the carburising medium must be heated to an elevated temperature. Usually carburising temperatures are around 870° - 950°. The higher the temperature the quicker will carbon be absorbed and deeper will be the case.

Following are the two types of "Case Carb" baths in use:


Case Carb - 1 baths containing 17-20% NaCN are maintained at 20% NaCN when carburising plain carbon and low-alloy steels.

Working Range:- 760°C - 950°C

This salt is preferred where work, which after carburising is to be martempered by quenching directly into HT - 150.

Working Range:- 800°C - 950°C
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