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Neutral Salts
 HN - 660/Regenerator

It is used in the working range 660°C - 900°C for hardening various tool steels and selectively carburised steels and for preheating high speed steels and hot work steels before treatment in
HN - 970. It can ve used up to 1000 °C if covered with Economiser, but Economiser must not be used on baths used for treatment of rust resisting steels, or preheating high speed steel.

Working Range:- 660°C - 900°C
 HN - 720

HN - 720 is a readily water soluble neutral salt. HN - 720/Regenrator baths are used for the treatment of carbon and alloy steels or of carburised parts which have been selectively machined to remove the case from certain parts before hardening. The baths are also used for austenitising work prior to hardeining by quenching into oil, or into HT - 150 for martempering, or austempering.

Working Range:- 720°C - 900°C (950°C if covered with Economiser)

This is used to keep baths in non-decarburisation condition. It should be used in baths recommended.

 HN - 970

This bath is used for heating high speed steels and hot work steels to the appropriate hardening temperature. HN - 970 is used alone to prepare the initial melt and for topping up to maintain the bath level. It contains its own rectifiers to keep the bath in non-decarburising condition.

Working Range:- 970 °C - 1350 °C
 HN - 1100

This is completely decarburisation free salt especially recommended when tools after hardening are not required to be ground on either side of the cutting edges.

Working Range:-1000°C - 1300 °C
 HN - 830/Regenerator

These baths are used for hardening the chromium rust-resisting steels B.S.En.36 A-D and B.S.En. 57, which include steels used for cutlery, also for hardening tool steels such as 2% carbon, 12% chromium and many types of hotwork steels.

Working Range:- 830°C - 1100 °C
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