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Quenching Salts

HQS - 540 salt is used at a temperature of 540°C - 600 °C for quenching tools in high speed steel, or hot work steel from the HN - 970 bath. It can also be used up to 700 °C for tempering in the range 540°C - 700 °C.

Working Range:- 540°C - 700 °C

HQS - 495 is sometimes used instead of HQS - 540 for quenching high speed steels, or hot work steels in the working range 495°C - 600°C, or for secondary hardening or tempering in the range 500 °C - 700°C

Working Range:- 495°C - 700°C

This is a specially formulated chloride based salt. Very often quenching from a high-temperature salt bath at 980 to 1315°C brings barium chloride rich salt into the quenching bath. This upsets the eutectic composition and increases melting point thereby causing freezing of the top layer of the molten salt. This imbalance can be corrected by periodic additions of our ‘Quenching salt rectifier’ to restore quench bath fluidity.

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