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Tempering, Martempering and Austempering Salts

This operation involves retreatment of components that have been hardened in order to relieve hardening strain and increase the toughness.


HN - 150 melts at 145°C and is used in the working range 160°C - 550°C for tempering, and at 160°C - 200°C for precipitation hardening of aluminium alloys. HT - 220 is a cheaper alternative to HT - 150. It melts at 220°C amd is used in the range 230°C - 550°C for tempering. HT - 150 &
HT - 220 are used for tempering in furnaces fitted with steel pots heated extenally by gas or oil, or in furnaces with steel pots heated internally with electric resistors or electrodes.

Working Range:- 160°C - 550°C

This is a single salt mix suitable for preparing a nitrate/nitrite salt bath for colution treatment of aluminium alloys at 480°C - 535°C before quenching into water or for annealing the same alloys at 380°C - 400°C after cold working and before further deformation. HT - 330 gives the treatment metal a satisfactory finish and has very little effect on the furnace pot or suspending jigs.

Working Range:- 330°C - 540°C

This is specially developed for tempering carbon springs and other hardened steel parts requiring working rage of 350°C - 600°C

Working Range:- 350°C - 600°C
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